If you are a new graduate or an experienced healthcare professional seeking an exciting career opportunity, join Paragon Emergency Center. Challenging medical environments and expanded opportunities are waiting for you to pursue your passion for healthcare services.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Greet all patients as they arrive in a friendly, courteous, and professional manner
  • Demonstrate and maintain a working knowledge of customer service principles, and departmental expectations regarding customer service
  • Maintain patient charts; including creating new files, scanning files into the computer system, filing, shifting, and breaking down charts
  • Responsible for photocopying records and documents for billing purposes
  • Perform clerical duties, including mail delivery, faxing, copying, and scanning
  • Responsible for answering, screening, and directing incoming phone calls
  • Collect co-payments or other applicable financial payments
  • Facilitate daily deposits and perform cash reconciliations
  • Maintain daily financial log including documenting patient financial class, amount owed, amount collected, and scanning completion
  • Maintain daily patient log including documenting chief complaint, time and date of entry, time and date of exit, services rendered, and discharge/transfer information
  • Document patient volumes for the previous day
  • Maintain and compile reports and informational packets for distribution
  • Perform any job related to the registration process
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Determine priorities of care based on physical and psychosocial needs, as well as factors influencing patient flow through the system
  • Communicate with Emergency Department physicians about changes in patient’s status, symptomatology and results of diagnostic studies
  • Able to respond quickly and accurately to changes in condition or response to treatment
  • Maintain awareness of current ER operational policies and procedures which impact position responsibilities
  • Demonstrate current comprehensive and professional knowledge and skills in conformation with recognized nursing standards including the Patient Bill of Rights standards for patient care and the Nurse Practice Act
  • Provide direct patient care, evaluate outcomes, consult with other specialists as required and adjust nursing care processes as indicated to ensure optimal patient care
  • Able to perform a head-to-toe assessment on all patients and reassessments as per policy, including pediatric, adolescent and geriatric patients and the general patient population
  • Able to use triage process to ensure timely and appropriate care to patients and accurately assign triage categories
  • Able to adequately assess and reassess pain, utilize appropriate pain management techniques, and educate the patient and family regarding pain management
  • Able to monitor hemodynamic status of patient and correctly interpret the results
  • Demonstrate knowledge of cardiac monitoring to identify dysrhythmias
  • Able to perform waived testing (point-of-care testing) per Clinical Laboratory’s and according to patient care unit’s policies and procedures
  • Able to interpret the results of waived tests and take appropriate action on waived test results
  • Maintain current knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on age of the patient and his/her clinical condition
  • Maintain accurate and continued nursing documentation including patient histories, conditions, treatments, responses and assessment of changes
  • Perform all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduce the likelihood of medical/health care errors
  • Interact professionally with patient and family and involve patient and family in the formation of the plan of care
  • Formulate a teaching plan based on identified learning needs and evaluate effectiveness of learning, including family in teaching as appropriate
  • Maintain a safe, comfortable and therapeutic environment for patients and families in accordance with ER standards
  • Ensure an adequate stock of supplies and proper functioning of equipment
  • Assist in cost containment through appropriate ordering and conserving of supplies and equipment

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Assist the RNs and physicians in providing technical care of the patients by: Documenting vital signs, performing phlebotomy and IV starts, performing EKGs, transporting patients, placing patient on cardiac and vital sign monitors, performing Point of Care Testing, performing wound care, and obtaining lab specimens and documents all care/procedures provided
  • Perform urine drug screens and/or breathalyzer tests, once checked off or trained
  • Assist the physician with physical exams, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Applies a variety of orthopedic splints and fits patients for crutches
  • Ensure that patient care areas, storage rooms, and equipment are clean and maintained
  • Clean equipment and workspace (including patient rooms, restrooms, waiting room, and nurse’s station)
  • Ensure that there is a sufficient amount of lab supplies, linens, stock room supplies
  • Assist with unloading supplies into Emergency Center
  • Perform POC and QC lab testing
  • Perform daily check of ABC equipment in each room
  • Maintain temperature logs in Pharmacy and Lab
  • Responsible for changing out Sharp’s containers
  • Recognize equipment malfunctions and refers for repair
  • Perform patient care as directed by nursing or medical staff, documenting on the medical record
  • Ensure an adequate supply of equipment needed for patient care and is responsible for stocking items such as: linens, wall mounts, thermometer probes and Otoscope probes, upper and lower drawers, vital sign machine, IV carts, ortho carts, urine cups and wipes, triage wound supplies, nourishment counter, patient and waiting room refrigerators
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintain awareness of all departmental and operational policies of Paragon Emergency Center.
  • Assist in the maintenance of all equipment in the department, including cleaning and QA procedures
  • Explains the benefits and risks of Procedures and Exams to Patients
  • Prepare Patient for examination, i.e.: contrast, proper IV placements, checking labs.
  • Facilitate departmental operations through completion of all appropriate Contrast, Extravasations, Pregnancy, and other forms related to preformed exam.
  • Maintain safety precautions to minimize radiation exposure to patients, other personnel and self.
  • Maintain current knowledge of Diagnostic Radiology /CT procedures performed in the Radiology Department.
  • Possess basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology required to apply principles of radiology and methods of exposure to obtain Diagnostic quality images.
  • Possess basic knowledge of radiology/CT equipment functioning to provide for minor repair and trouble-shooting for problems.

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